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Honey Jar Spell

Honey also works in a powerful way to deepen your love. The honey spell is not used for casting a spell on someone new, but it is used to strengthen the bond and sweeten the relationship of two people who are already in a relationship.

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It is a very simple and easy love spell that can be cast on your partner, but it only works out the magic when you get over any negative feelings and beliefs.

Here is how you can cast the honey jar spell:

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Things Required:

  • Pen
  • Honey Jar
  • Paper

Procedure To Cast A Honey Jar Love Spell:

  1. Firstly, you are required to write the name of the person whom you wish to cast the love spell three times on white paper. The number three exhibits wholeness and self-expression and thus has the power of casting the spell.
  2. After writing down the name, you also need to write down a clear intention about what you wish. Make sure that the intention is crystal clear; otherwise, the spell may not work perfectly.
  3. After this, you need to fold the paper three times so that it can easily fit in the honey jar.
  4. Next, put the paper inside the honey jar, and before closing the lid, take some honey out of it and use it in your tea.
  5. While you drink your tea mixed with the honey, chant this mantra repeatedly in your mind ‘as I take this tea, you will be this sweet to me.’
  6. As you complete drinking your tea, believe that the spell has been cast.
  7. Now close the jar properly and bury it in a safe place. Consider choosing a place that is surrounded by flowers or herbs because blooming flowers may give extra power to your love spell.
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Full Moon Love Spell

A full moon symbolizes the end or completion of a journey. So, if you are someone who has been single for quite some time and wishes to get a partner to end your journey of being single, this love spell is for you.

Full moon spells work out perfectly for people who desire to have a partner and are tired of looking for a match. While casting this spell, you do not have to run down the memories of being single and feeling bad about it but instead, focus on how eagerly you wish to have a romantic connection in life and the support you can get when you get that life partner.

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Things Required:

  • Choose a day on a full moon to perform the spell
  • Rose petals

Procedure To Cast A Full Moon Love Spell:

  1. Firstly, pen down all the qualities you wish to see in your partner. There is no limitation to the number of qualities you write; you can make a list as long as you wish and as specific as you want it to see in the person you love.
  2. Wait till a full moon day. Waiting till a time the moon is on the earth signs Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn can cast the spell more powerfully. But even if it is not, you can cast this spell on a full moon day. However, this spell can work out more efficiently on an Earth-moon day as it can aid in building a stable bond between two people.
  3. Next, fold the paper on which you have jotted down the qualities into two and hold it close to your heart.
  4. Now, leave your house, taking some rose petals along. Next, you have to spread the rose petals while you take three rounds of your home. While taking the rounds, you also need to chant this in mind “Come to me” and “I am prepared for you.”
  5. Chant these words repeatedly while you take the rounds and wait for the magic to happen.


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