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The Egyptian African Spell Caster to Return Lover

Despite their reputation as the first philosophers and scientists, ancient Greeks used various love spells to win the affections of those they desired meet the Spell Caster in London Uk.

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By Adam Parker, PhD Candidate in Classical Studies, The Open University.

Valentine’s Day is not all love hearts and roses for everyone. For the hapless in love, the day can be a yearly reminder of failed romances, unrequited love and the seemingly unending search for the illusive “one”.

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The Greek Magical

WDM27975 The Love Potion, 1903; by Morgan, Evelyn De (1855-1919); oil on canvas; 104.1×52.1 cm; � The De Morgan Centre, London; English, out of copyright

Papyri are a series of ancient spell books from Egypt from between the 2nd century BC and the 5th century AD. They are a sort of do-it-yourself guide to magical rituals that offers solutions to problems like finding a thief, keeping calm, curing fevers and demonic possession. Unsurprisingly, love charms feature prominently.

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Depending on the lengths a hopeful lover was willing to go (and their level of lust/obsession/desperation) there was something for all levels of effort. Some spells are “simple”: “To get a certain [her] at the baths: rub a tick from a dead dog on the loins.”

Others require a bit more preparatory work. One advertised as the “irresistible love

Most spells required a special ingredient to be used in a specific way in combination with arcane words. These spells don’t leave archaeological traces for us to find. One love spell asked the user to have an iron ring inscribed with Harpocrates (the Hellenistic god of silence) seated on a lotus in their hands while they shouted magical words at the moon from a rooftop. Several such gemstones matching this description have been found.

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Love potions themselves have a long history and are discussed in several ancient texts. A Demotic (written in ancient Egyptian) spell proposed the following method:

“Take the fragment of the tip of your fingernail and apple seed together with blood from your finger… Pound the apple, add blood to it and put it in the cup of wine. Recite [the given spell] seven times over it and you should make the woman drink it at a special time.”

This visceral recipe is a variant of a spell that also added semen, and the hair of a dead man to the mixture.

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“The Sorceress,” John William Waterhouse, 1913. Ancient Greeks used love spells and witchcraft. Credit:


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