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Professional spiritual healer and traditional herbalist in specialized tarot,chakra, charm and psychic services.

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for lost lovers and love potions.

For instance charm, chakra casting may be done variously by a professional psychic & spiritual healer.

According to the required purpose.by psychic

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To a professional spiritual healer traditional herbalist in specialized Tarot,chakra, charm and Powerful psychic services.

For lost lover & love potion. click.

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Traditional ,spiritual and herbalist healers specialized in tarot,chakra, charm and Powerful psychic services.

 Powerful Psychic casting is super natural power, for example , Palm reading charm and love portion that my be done without your ,his/her presence.

AHMED LUTI(drlove1). was aname give to me by the the great powers of  the past 

In other words AUGUSTINE is my ancestral name .In the late 50s, I INHERITED it on 1945 /Dec/27. In Bukasa in the east African region.

Grandfather Augustin. and maiden father Luti Kakeeto raised me in Bukasa, who were great healers of that time to clarify.

I grew
That is to say ,
witnessing life problems and solutions traditionally and spiritually, enabled me to adopt  skills of apsychic  physically

& taught me. My great  professional spiritual healer warrior .

Therefore I believe, 

Based on the above knowledge and practicalities by great fathers.

I learnt skills within me and some acquired from bokomo spiritual school of herbal remedies in East Africa.


Nicknamed by the clients for my great work of tarot,chakra, charm & psychic services.

Love portion done for there love life 

In Africa professional spiritual healer, 

A psychic One’s great work is spread by  nicknaming him or her great work done.

Finally professional psychic spiritual healer, 

I could not deny the  fact about me.

a psychic about  family below;

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And hope to see you now.in the temple of healing.


An African spell caster that has been casting Voodoo ,Charm, jar spells , witcht craft psychic service both the above have been given the capacity to cast them on line there my spells are effective regardless of your location that is to say USA UK DUBAI NORWAY GRACE AFRICA AND MORE . FOR DETAILS YOU MAY FOLLOW ME ON MY LINK WWW.DRLOVE1.COM

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